Nary a Mention

The Lancaster media covered the Ted Nugent “Live Free” rally, and here’s a complete accounting of their coverage of Bryan Miller’s protest:

From ABC 27 Lancaster County:

A small group held a silent protest outside of the rally. They said they are not against gun rights, but that Nugent sends a violent message.

Not against gun rights?  This is not the Bryan Miller I knew.  From LancasterOnline:

While he spoke, 16 people protested across the road from the club entrance.

That’s it?  The people who were at the pro-gun side of things had to pay 150 dollars a head to be there.  And we still outnumbered them by an order of magnitude.  So that’s going to be it? Miller gets his name in one article in the Lancaster media market?  I think I could generate more than 16 people to protest a gun control rally, and without using the blog.   How the mighty have fallen.