Coming to a Head in Illinois

It looks like the Daley machine, faced with the destruction of its own gun laws when McDonald is handed down, is lashing out any way it can. If I had to take a big picture look at what’s going on here, with the push in Illinois, to Bloomberg’s attacks on Pennsylvania, upstate New York and Ohio, it would be the old guard trying one last ditch effort to assert itself. Let’s hope this ends up being their “Battle of the Bulge

Part of me thinks we’ve become unstoppable, but I try to keep that in check. Things can turn quickly. This is not a done deal yet. It wouldn’t take much for the momentum to begin to shift the other way.

3 thoughts on “Coming to a Head in Illinois”

  1. Ah Chicago. There gun law work so well don’t they? So well that they are considering sending in the national gaurd to deal with the gang problem.

    And you know what’s sad? With daley and bloomberg and all these anti-gun bigots? They know, they have to, and yet they wish to make the rest of the country just like chicago. There is no way you can be that willingly ignorant, you have to have an agenda which in the end does not give a crap about you or me or anyone but themselves.

    Glad I got the hell out of there.

  2. With all due respect, I’m not so sure that DC’s gun laws were “smashed” (unfortunetly:( ) . I was speaking an acquaitance of mine, a lawyer involved peripherly in the Heller case, who informed me that most of the gun laws in DC are still in force and I have read that Heller just lost his 2nd case in the federal court system (hopefully he will win on the appeal).

    Also do not understimate “Da Mayor” while he may be past the peak of his powers he is still EXTREMELY powerfull in Illinois politics.

    Actually the budget mess in Illinois may help us, I am going to mention it on my calls to Springfield. They should be working on the budget not this feldercarb!

    Best wishes
    PS Love your blog, you do an excellent job, thanks for the hard work NJ

  3. It’s a parlous time in Illinois as Emperor Shortshanks rages against the Epsilons.
    Given the structure of the legislative process, nearly all of this is in the hands of the House Speaker and Senate President.
    Both are Chicagoans, Machine guys, and rabidly anti-gun in their own right. Rabidly.
    The Speaker is wielding the heaviest of clubs this week and it’s not out of the question that such things as private gun sales may go the way of the dodo.
    The assault weapon ban they’re standing up is an especially odious one and could come close to passing, maybe only a five-vote swing.
    There are a lot of Democrats heading down to Springfield with bruises from the headmaster’s ruler and deep thoughts about their slating and campaign help from the Fifth Floor.

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