Philadelphia Democrats on Guns

As you can imagine, it’s not good. These are the Democratic candidates for Governor, including our current Governor, who I think has convinced the Democratic panel that being in favor of gun control in Pennsylvania doesn’t hurt you.

Bitter is getting pretty good at using iMovie to splice together some propaganda of our own:


2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Democrats on Guns”

  1. Good job, Bitter.

    The only thing I would suggest is that when a pol makes an obvious mis-statement of fact (of there is one), put up the actual facts to contrast.

    Ex: When Babbette claims that there sere at most 500 folks at the capitol rotundra, and it was actually closer to 1000, then that mis-statement of fact needs to be corrected.

    Likewise, I know there are more than 500 people who disfavor gun control laws; that, too needs to be corrected.

    Not sure how you counter an idiotic idea that 12 handguns/year is enough. Maybe make the argument that no one needs a newspaper every day – surely the weekend edition should be enough. Or that you can only attend one city council meeting/month.

    Again, good job!

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