Bloomberg’s Testimony

The Hill reports on his testimony before a Senate Homeland Security Committee, where he notes that the Second Amendment should be no barrier to arbitrarily denying Americans their right to purchase a firearm.

3 Responses to “Bloomberg’s Testimony”

  1. Jeremy says:

    I can’t believe Bloomberg is actually serious about this.

    Why stop at guns? What else should be denied to someone on a “watchlist”?

    -right to vote
    -ability to own or drive a car
    -ability to have a bank account
    -ability to own a cell phone

    Many of these are all far more necessary tools to the operation of a terrorist plot than a firearm. Simply stopping at guns shows complete non-commitment to the sincerity of stopping a terrorist act. Anyone on the watchlist should be monitored 24/7. American demands nothing less.

  2. Nykyfyr says:

    What do you want from an elected oligarch who manipulated the system for a third term.

  3. Ian Argent says:

    Bloomberg lives in fear. I don’t think it is fear for his person; but you never know