Rifle League Update

I have not forgotten about the Gun Blog Rifle League.  I am compiling the results now, and hope to have those, in addition to the fall match, up by the end of the weekend.  I have been very busy with election stuff in the evenings, so I just haven’t gotten around to it.  Since I’m late getting this stuff out, I will extend the fall match until the New Year.

Thanks for everyone who participated.  The Fall match will be a Kalashnikov/SKS match, in addition to a small bore match most people will be able to shoot inside.  I will be more timely with the fall and winter matches, once the election is over, and my free time returns.

One thought on “Rifle League Update”

  1. Depending on how the election comes out, have you thought of provisions for us to enter through anonymous servers? I mean, AKs and SKSs… whew! Hate to get on the Overlord’s list the first week after the ‘election’ ;-) That’s assuming I had one of those evil things in the first place…

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