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From Marko, who notes that people are giving Major Caudill a major case of the gay phobia:

I’m rightly confused, I am.  If you think that the right to self-defense is a human right, and you don’t like the idea of a gay person exercising it, then it necessarily follows that you don’t think gays should be afforded the whole set of human rights.  If that’s the case, then please stay the f[**]*k off my side.

If you don’t support the same freedoms for everyone, then you don’t support freedom.  Being in favor of freedom only for yourself and folks mostly like you is no virtue at all.  It requires no sacrifice, no tolerance, and no brainpower.  It will also cost you your pet freedoms sooner or later, once you find yourself as a member of the 49% whose cornflakes the other 51% vote themselves the right to pee on.

In the same vein there’s plenty of people out there who don’t give a whit until it’s their liberty on the line, even though they say they value liberty. I’ve met a few people who are adamite about both legalizing pot, and socializing the medical profession, all in the name of human rights, of course.

* Note the censorship of the language was mine. Not because I give a s**t about it, but because I understand it trips some people’s web filters who are reading from work, and causes the site to block until the offending word is cleared from the page. I will try in the future to be better about this. It’s also why I have the word p0rn in gun p0rn set with a zero in the categories. BTW, if your work uses those kinds of filters, I have sympathy for you. As an IT professional, I’ve refused on a few instances to censor web pages based on keywords. There are good business reasons not to do so.

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Soooo… should I say “boobies” in my comment?

    This is an ornithological post, right?

  2. There was a good point made in the comments that for this sort of viral emailing it only takes one person censoring the “gay” and then sending it along. Those downstream wouldn’t necessarily know the word was missing, particularly if they are unaware of the essay’s true genesis.

    There is likely only one or a very few initial senders who should be tarred with this particular brush.

  3. For what it’s worth, I am adamant about legalizing pot, and I don’t smoke it at all (or do ay drugs, or drink, or ….)

    I just think it’s dumb for it to be illegal. And human rights and stuff.


  4. “…I just think it’s dumb for it to be illegal. And human rights and stuff.


    Ah what poetry, inspirational, rolls off the tongue like the best of the Founding Fathers’ work. =)

    As Madison might say…


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