A Vigil for the Tiger

These people have seriously lost their minds.  I accept the predators will be predators, but humans have brains that allow us to fashion weapons so that we don’t have to be prey; a good thing when you don’t have sharp claws or deadly canines, and can’t run all that fast.

Defending yourself against a predator is as basic a function of being a living creature as you can get.  These people have not only lost touch with what it means to be human, but also what it means to be part of nature.  I don’t blame the tiger; it was just being a tiger, but the police officer who shot the tiger was just being a human.  It was a profound natural act these people don’t seem to understand.

8 thoughts on “A Vigil for the Tiger”

  1. Apparently the evidence is building that the kids were taunting it beforehand. CNN is reporting that they’ve found rocks and pinecones from different areas of the park in the compound and the kids are being difficult.

    Remembering being a little shit myself (not that stupid though), I wouldn’t doubt it.

  2. And as far as the vigil went which they showed on TV – there were just five people — and one of them was a guy who heard about it, got in his car and drove down some thirty miles from Lafayette, to tell them they were f*ing idiots, and that the vigil should be for the dead kid and the other injured. He’s my hero.
    The Chronicle can’t be bothered to interrupt their twisted narrative however.

  3. I’ve been to that zoo. The Koalas are superior.

    One could say they are marsuperior marsupials.

  4. The waves washed up to within a foot of the bonfire and then, as if they sensed the solemnity, retreated.

    I think that this says it all, even the waves of the bay sensed the tragedy. I have always known that SFer’s were nuts but this seems to go over the top. I’ve changed my mind, let’s give California back to Mexico. If they won’t take it let’s pay them anything they want in order to finally get rid of these freaks!


  5. California protects mountain lions. There is no hunting season and shooting one in self defense gets you an inquisition. It seems that California mountain lions are especially aggressive. Are they smart enough that they follow the politics of the stupid humans?

    The news report of the tiger attack said that the zoo waited 30 minutes to call 911. I thought most zoos had high powered rifles on hand for such emergencies. But if one doesn’t it would be in San Francisco.

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