PETA Ice Cream

PETA is telling Ben and Jerry’s ice cream they need to start making their product out of human milk.

“PETA’s request comes in the wake of news reports that a Swiss restaurant owner will begin purchasing breast milk from nursing mothers and substituting breast milk for 75 percent of the cow’s milk in the food he serves,” the statement says.

PETA officials say a move to human breast milk would lessen the suffering of dairy cows and their babies on factory farms and benefit human health.


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  1. That is just disgusting.

    And is PETA saying that women are cows? Looks like there could be a death match between PETA and NOW.

  2. Human breast milk also comes with human pathogens, whereas bovine pathogens do not affect/infect humans. These people really are whacked out of their gourds.

  3. Human breast milk also comes with human pathogens that can make people sick, whereas bovine pathogens do not affect/infect humans. These people really are whacked out of their gourds.

  4. A bonus from having human milk instead of cow’s milk is that you don’t have the cow flatulence problem that leads to global warming, since it’s generally understood that women don’t fart…

  5. They’re way ahead of you, Robert. I read that, I think it was actually a UN idea, to decrease greenhouse gas emission by abating the methane found in bovine flatulenc (cow farts). To accomplish this would reauire a reduction in human consumption of dairy and beef.

    We are on a slippery slope here. Ere long all the world will forego meet and vegans will be in control.

  6. “PETA officials say a move to human breast milk would lessen the suffering of dairy cows and their babies…” by subjecting human women and babies to the same fate.


    In other news, ew.

  7. Chris:

    B & J is owned by Unilever. Just another brand, so we’re probably safe for now.

  8. has a poll on it’s web site with the story. Some 16,000 people say this is a bad idea.

    There is still hope for this country.

  9. But I suppose PETA would also want to avoid genetically engineered bacteria that could produce milk fats for human consumption? Because of the bacteria that would suffer?

  10. Just out of boredom, what would such a PETA-sponsored Ben & Jerry’s flavor be called? Shall we have a contest?

    I nominate:


  11. We also need human cheese!!!

    Actually, I read up on this, someone has attempted it. But human milk has much less fat content. You’d need like way way way more gallons of human milk to extract the necessary quantity of cream. Thus you’d need thousands more lactating women than equivalent dairy cows.

    That said, implementing this could greatly help reduce our unemployment rate. As least amongst women. And might add some extra income for stay at home lactating moms.


  12. MEN! Make your voice heard! Stand up for BOOBsicles and HOOTERVILLE ice cream. SURE there are some that think it’s just gross, but men LOVE hooters and I think the cherries are a nice touch, too. WHY didn’t someone think of this before now!? We need a better name, though.

  13. By my calculations, you’d need on average 30 women to equal the production of a single Holstein in a day, which is about 7 gallons. A single machine at Ben & Jerry’s processes more than 500 gallons per hour, or 4000 gallons per shift. Even if you only allocated a single machine to producing this ‘special’ ice cream, you’d need to purchase and collect the milk of 120,000 women to keep a single machine in the B&J factory working for one 8 hour shift. I doubt that the resulting ice cream could be sold for less than $250/half gallon, or roughly 100 times the current going price.

    Besides that – the bovine unemployment rate would skyrocket! ;)

  14. Everybody open up their copies of Harlan Ellison’s “Again, Dangerous Visions” and turn to the story “In The Barn”…

  15. One of the local television stations wondered what B&J’s could call it. Here’s my suggestion:

    I just wonder how many of them PETA girls would volunteer to become milk machines…

  16. They’re trying to get people’s attention and make you think-it worked. We are the only beings that drink milk after we are supposed to be weaned off of it. It serves no point, and allergies/digestive problems are up. And dont say anything about calcium-we can get plenty in fruits, veggies, and grains.

  17. ” We are the only beings that drink milk after we are supposed to be weaned off of it. ”

    Utter crap. I’ve never seen a mammal turn down milk, if it’s available. I have seen weaned cats nurse from goats and cows. I’ve even seen weaned dogs attempt to nurse from cats.

    The fat content in milk helps with brain development.

    Allergies are up more likely due to sheltering children instead of making them play in the dirt.

    Do you have documentation for digestive problems being up? Do your records show the problems going up since humans started drinking cow milk? If you answer yes, you’re a liar, because humans have been drinking the milk of domesticated animals since long before recorded history.

    Utter crap.

  18. Well, most humans lose their ability to break down lactose after they are no longer infants. Most Europeans have a genetic mutation that causes their bodies to keep producing the lactase enzyme into adulthood. Probably a survival adaptation, since in climates where humans needed more fat, being able to drink animal milks rich in fats and proteins was beneficial.

    But the idea that humans aren’t meant to drink milk is insane. Some humans, particularly Europeans, are evolved to drink it. If the mutation didn’t confer a survival adaptation, it would have been extinguished from the gene pool like it was in other human populations.

  19. Simple truth – God gave us animals for our use, including for food, and milk and all of its derivatives qualify. Doesn’t mean we abuse animals, but who are we to turn down God’s gift?

    I would like to know though – where do I sign up to work in PETA’s idea of a dairy farm? ;-{)]

  20. me likey wants to work on new dairy farm,would it be called a dairy farm or what? me send resume to big titty got big hands.mucho gracias peta!!!

  21. I am picturing lots of women standing naked from waist up in a line in a barn connected to machines that are sucking milk from their boobs. What do you think they would talk about amongst themselves during a time like that????? I hear mammograms hurt I wonder how these machines would compare to that?? I see how they say it is inhumane for cows to undergo this torture and therefore we should saccrifce our own woman to save the cow! NOT!

  22. I remember in elementary school taking a tour of our local dairy farms to learn where our milk comes from. Would they have to do away with that fieldtrip now? I hate to see children lose their educational fieldtrips!

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