CeaseFire PA Touting Candidates for Governor

The Pocono Record is fast becoming CeaseFire Pennsylvania’s most helpful media outlet, practically publishing press releases from them talking about how wonderful all the Democratic candidates for Governor are. Here is CeaseFire PA’s Voters Guide. I think it’s very kind of them to help gun owners out by letting us know who not to vote for. Jack Wagner is the best Democrat, and he only supports Lost and Stolen, a statewide ban on assault weapons, and using the no-fly list to deny Pennsylvanians their constitutional rights. And they are openly touting this. Even Rendell ran from his record on guns and shut up about the issue when he ran for Governor. Now they are openly opposing us and daring us to defeat them.

No matter who I vote for in the GOP primary, I’m going to be 100% behind the winner in the Governor’s race. The step after openly opposing us in an election, if we can’t beat them, is openly opposing us from the Governor’s mansion, with the argument that the “NRA couldn’t beat me.” And they will have a point. If the NRA can’t threaten politicians with electoral defeat for crossing them, the game will be over in PA very quickly, and all those refugees we’ve taken from Jersey will have to go find another bastion of freedom.

2 thoughts on “CeaseFire PA Touting Candidates for Governor”

  1. People (not just in this Commonwealth but in general) in PA need to get off their butts and vote in the primaries and in the General Election!! We need to get the right people in places like the Gov’s Mansion, State Assembly, US Senate/House, etc. This is a pivotal year folks!!!

    There is enough sentiment and groundswell to vote out the people that do not support our pro 2nd Amendment agenda and keep others away from public offices. This type of fervor doesn’t come around every election period so we should take advantage of it this time around.

    GO OUT AND VOTE FOR PRO 2nd Amendment candidates during the Primaries and General Election!

    Let’s not let this opportunity for “Change” slip through our hands and “Yes, we can”!

  2. I doubt I will vote for any of the candidates for Governor of Pennsylvania for the simple reason
    none of them addresses the budget deficit in a substantive way.
    There are no new ideas presented by any of the candidates that will close the 3 billion dollar gap.
    They all seem to ignore the two major problems that account for the largest parts of the wasteful spending in state government, the over funded prison system and illegal alien.
    The state spends nearly as much on prisons as it does on schools, and illegal aliens in Pennsylvania
    cost Pennsylvanians nearly one third of the budget deficit, over 800 million dollars!
    I can not afford another property tax increase. I am tired of my tax dollars going into expensive programs that support people that are here illegally, or support people who break the law.

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