Other Resolutions During NRA’s Visit to Pittsburgh

It would seem the Tribune-Review felt some heat from Eric Heyl’s column last week, and they opted to run a couple of the responses. One from a Delaware woman who states that she’s a pistol instructor:

I disagree with Eric Heyl’s column “NRA effort to attract women off target.” The NRA seems to be trying to “attract” women already involved in shooting sports to become instructors.

I am of both “worlds” — an NRA member and pistol instructor, and a facials-and-pedicures woman. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Heyl writes that to most women, a pistol-instructor seminar “probably wouldn’t have the same appeal as, say, a holistic facial at the day spa.” I’m sure “most” women also expect someone else to save them from a mugger, rapist, burglar or other bad guy. Unfortunately, the NRA will appeal to women more independent in their assertions of safety and security.

It’s pretty insulting to insinuate that women would choose helplessness over the right shade of lipstick or a spa treatment.

Being of “both ‘worlds'” is something that applies to most of the NRA women I know. Heyl inspired another response by a different female pistol instructor from Pennsylvania:

Contrary to the assertions by Eric Heyl in his column “NRA effort to attract women off target,” Pennsylvania women are capable of making informed decisions on gun ownership, political activism and participation in the shooting sports.

As a woman headed to the Pittsburgh NRA event this week, I plan to shatter the misogynistic view he takes toward females who might be spotted there. Rather than worrying about lipstick colors and compacts in my purse, I’ll peruse more than 4 acres of handguns and self-defense gear. Instead of fretting over the price of a trip to the spa, I’ll spend hard-earned dollars at the Friends of NRA dinner or women’s luncheon in support of the hunting and shooting programs.

While Heyl might be concerned that too many firearms accessories come only in black, I’ll talk to manufacturers that recognize women as one of the fastest-growing groups currently purchasing firearms.

I’m not quite sure how a column that so openly mocks women who make independent choices beyond what shoes to buy was published in any newspaper in 2011, but I am sure that I’ll be just one of thousands of women at the NRA annual meeting.

Two different types of responses, but very much in opposition to Heyl’s column. I never found a single letter published in support of Heyl’s column. I’m curious to know if any were ever sent.

2 thoughts on “Other Resolutions During NRA’s Visit to Pittsburgh”

  1. From what I saw today, the women are far more informed consumers. They want all the details of the product and non of the tactical factor nonsense. The reps were being put though their paces today by the women in attendance. I, for one, and thrilled that women are taking up the shooting sports in record numbers. I equally thrilled that the mfgs have recognized this and started to cater to the new and growing market segment.

  2. I concur that the manufactures are realizing the market, but it still remains in my opinion for the stores and instructors to do so. I have observed many new women gun owners with a S&W 642 Airweight. A good gun for what it is intended for, but not a great gun to learn how to shoot with.

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