Getting on Board?

ACLU has never stuck up for gun rights. There are some state chapters that differ in that regard. I think the times may be a changin’ if this is any indication of things to come. I don’t demand that the ACLU actively push gun rights. It’s a perfectly reasonable position for ACLU to say “If you want to support gun rights, there are better organizations for that, but we recognize it as one of the core American liberties,” that would be fine by me. In cases, like this, where ACLU’s core mission intersects with the right to keep and bear arms, I welcome them to the fight.

2 thoughts on “Getting on Board?”

  1. That’s one nice part about living in Hampton Roads. There are way too many real specwar guys around for posers to come out from behind their keyboards

  2. I believe that their entire excuse for their previous position was that the courts hadn’t settled the matter. With that [partially] out of the way, they no longer have that to hide behind.

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