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Lots of gun owners have good stories, but not many tell them, and definitely not to reporters. This guy did, and got his story in front of the City of Denver. It’s a story how a man came to own a gun after the justice system repeatedly failed his family, and he needed to protect them. The other side wants to inflate the risk, and they have no shortages of anecdotes to make people who carry firearms for self-protection look like idiots, criminals or worse. But they never have an answer for Sam Myrants of the world, other than call 911 and hope for the best.

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  1. The writer of this article is a sniveling, condescending weasel. He is the reason I hate liberals. They sit in a protected ivory tower and when evil happens to someone else they analyze it through their utopian worldview. Never wanting to judge they usually side with the criminals over the victims.

    I don’t want to wish harm on anyone but this A$$hole needs to get violently mugged and beaten to get “his mind right”. The old adage :” a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged” comes to mind. Maybe then he will understand what an effeminate ass he truly is. He can’t be married because what kind of woman would want to marry a man who won’t protect her.

    He should read articles by former liberal, Robin of Berkley, to see just how deluded his thinking truly is. Not surprisingly, it took a near fatal mugging to convince Robin that liberalism is a mental illness. You can find her articles here:

  2. I agree, that it was disgusting that the author of the first story said he “might” understand why someone would want to carry a gun after that incident.

    As for the anecdotal stories, I wanted to post a comment to the story, but didn’t want to register at the Huffington Post. So I’ll make the comment here:

    A couple of years ago one of my wife’s friends died in an accident…oh, wait. It was a car accident. I’m sorry, but this anecdote won’t be useful for drumming up emotions to ban guns.

  3. For the most recent year published by CDC, 30,896 people in the US died from firearms.

    41.6% were suicides, 54.6% homicides and 2.1% accidental discharges.

    Firearm suicides are almost all males, with females preferring to overdose on drug. If men did not have access to guns, they would take drugs or jump off buildings or crash their cars. There is zero evidence that men having guns has any impact on their tendency to kill themselves.

    The homicide number includes murders, self defense killings and police shootings.

    Out of a population of 300,000,000, firearm accidents killed 642 people. If guns are a health hazard, we should look at auto accidents, bicycles, swimming pools and bath tubs first.

    As easily as they can speculate about accidents and our violent society, the counter speculation is that armed citizens deter crime. Criminals aren’t stupid and they do not want to get shot. As a result, handgun violence is highest where guns are banned. Detroit & Chicago both have strict handgun laws, yet their homicide rates are much higher than Kennesaw GA, where every household is required by law to own a gun.

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