30 Days

I have to agree with Countertop about the episode of 30 days that Bitter and I watched last night, where they sent a Brady Campaign member to live with a gun nut for a month.  I thought it was presented very fairly, and factually, without a whole lot of distortion.  The pro-gun guy was normal and reasonable, had a teenage son, and was generally presented as a fine upstanding citizen.  I give the Brady chick a lot of credit for having an open mind, and I agree with Bitter that the members of CeaseFire from Toledo were the only real bitter ones in the whole episode.  While I don’t think the Brady chick will be joining the NRA any time soon, I have little doubt she’ll never be able to look at the gun issue quite the same way again.

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  1. Hmm. Brother told me about this, but I missed it. My remarks were that either the gun-unfriendly Hollyweird types would skew it so the gunnie looked like a complete inbred bumpkin (which, it seems, there was some leaning-toward), or that if it was fair, the Brady-girl would finally see what she’d been missing (which also seemed to have come about), and be completely turned around.
    Bitter notes that Brady-girl says she didn’t have fun at the range, yet had a “shit-eating grin”, and was proud of her target. It would be very interesting to know just how long it takes before this chick is back at the range, and how long before she has her own gun. It may be premature, but I think we may have another convert—let me be the first to welcome her !!

  2. Vinnie: Everyone knows that guns are mean and scary. Little kids might get the wrong ideas…

  3. I don’t think you’ll have a convert in her. Granted, she did come a long way on the show. She admitted that when it started, she believed all guns should be banned from private ownership. At the end, she said she still supported gun control, but she admitted that there needed to be protections for the rights of law abiding citizens. I just don’t see her taking those extra leaps.

    I really doubt she’s going to get back to the range anytime soon unless someone she knows is a closet gun owner and comes out to her after this experience.

  4. I watched part of the show, I had to turn the channel for a while because I was screaming at the TV because of some of the ridiculous statements she was saying at the beginning along with the crying when she fired a gun for the 1st time.

    Still, I was impressed the seemed to open up a little bit by the end. IIRC, she was from Brookline MA? If so, she won’t have much chance to continue her exposure to law abiding citizens with firearms.

    My concern with the show was that I thought it portrayed the man & his son as not very well off financially with his son not particularly interested in higher learning. I think this might be interpreted as ‘uneducated redneck’ on the coasts.

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