Why Talking to Candidates is Important

Take a look at this video from a Tea Party forum that features the Republican Challengers for the seat currently held by F-rated Allyson Schwartz:


The first candidate at least has the right answer, but his big intellectual contribution to the issue would seem to be noticing that both Article I, Section 21 of the PA Constitution, and the Second Amendment both use the word “shall.”  The second guy, I have to think this is the first time he’s ever had to consider this issue seriously. He’s also got the right answers, but the fact that he’s not well versed is blindingly obvious. The third guy, Adcock, seems to be the leading contender, and probably has the best answer.

You can see from this that candidates often have no idea, honestly, what our concerns are, and haven’t thought much about our issue, or how to handle it publicly. These candidates need to talk to gun owners and develop an understanding they can build their positions from. This has recently been an issue in my club, where many of the club’s leaders don’t want to get involved in politics. I am an advocate for at least some degree of engagement, and preventing candidates for public office from wandering aimlessly around our issue is part of the reason. If they never hear our concerns, or never learn how to speak to the issue, it’s quite likely they are going to conclude there’s nothing to be gained in it, and drop it from their radar.

9 thoughts on “Why Talking to Candidates is Important”

  1. Had any of the candidates actually understood the legislative process, they would have answered “I would work to kill it before it ever came to a vote!”

  2. You typically only get that kind of power with leadership positions, and freshmen legislators don’t get leadership positions starting out.

  3. These candidates need to talk to gun owners and develop an understanding they can build their positions from.

    I think you meant this: Gun owners need to talk to candidates so that they can build positions that satisfy the 2A community.

    If we wait for politicians to talk to us, I think we might be waiting around a while.

  4. Sebastian,

    Thank you for posting this! I have watched this video also over on PAGunRights and the way these guys are hemming and hawing and more or less not informed or ill-informed on this issue is down right discouraging. I also belong to a gun club in the City of Philadelphia and unfortunately live in the US 13th District of Allyson Schwartz. I would very much like to vote this F-rated candidate out of office, but with these types of timid and out of touch answers, I find it is going to very difficult. Out of the three answers of Larry, Moe and Curly…I’m probably leaning towards my vote with Dee Adcock during the primaries.

  5. Allyson Schwartz is directly connected with New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. She needs to go. Any of those 3 guys would be an improvement.

  6. Uh, those were all rather lame responses. I realize that this isn’t these guys primary interest, but sheesh. They have to be able to think on their feet. The second guy was embarrassing.

    None of them mentioned the word “repeal.”

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