Donation Djour

I have little idea what Charles Djou’s position is on the Second Amendment. Given that it’s Hawaii, my expectations aren’t that high. But it’s Obama’s home district, and this guy has a great, simple, effective message, which you can see in his videos here and here. So I kicked a few bucks to his money wave. The idea of turning Obama’s home district seat in a special election was too good to pass up. I’m glad to see he exceeded his goal of raising 100 grand in 24 hours.

4 thoughts on “Donation Djour”

  1. Charles Djou is pro 2d. His also a reserve officer. He is presently a member of the Honolulu city council. My biggest
    nit-pick with him is he likes the front of a camera to much.
    All politicians seem to, though.

  2. All politicians seem to, though.

    Glad to hear he’s pro-2A, but the above, while unfortunate, is the nature of beast we’re dealing with.

    1. As I just said to Sebastian, from what I can see here on the mainland, he’s the kind of politician that I want to jump in front of the camera. He has a great message, and his smile just makes everyone else want to smile along with him. I love the liberty messages as much as anyone else, but what I sometimes think we forget to include is a smile along with it. It’s not just about having the freedom to make more of our own decisions, it’s the fact that we’re happier when we do it, too. From the limited picture I’ve gotten of him, his demeanor brings that message to the surface.

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