The Attack Begins

From Roll Call:

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group led by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino (D), is expected today to unveil a lobbying blitz to prod Congress to approve legislation that would require background checks on all firearm sales at gun shows.

The group will launch a six-figure media campaign that includes both national cable and selected state advertising spots as well as an online petition drive.

“The truth is the conventional wisdom is just wrong that you can’t do a gun issue,” said John Feinblatt, Bloomberg’s chief adviser for policy and strategic planning.

Six figures doesn’t buy you that much, but it’s still a threat. It shows that Bloomberg is willing to dump serious money into the issue in order to move the ball forward. NRA is very very good at playing the lobby and electioneering game. They are much less adept at media campaigns to shape public opinion. That’s always been the other side’s core strength against us.

In addition, there was a story last week about MAIG looking to hire an Ohio coalition coordinator with a $75,000 grant, much like Max Nacheman here in Pennsylvania. Let me tell you, Max is a tough, tough adversary for us here in Pennsylvania. This is not good news for Ohio activists.

4 thoughts on “The Attack Begins”

  1. That crap is spreading west. How long before they are in Michigan?

    Our crazy ass militias will scare them off!

  2. Mayors Against Guns?

    Talk about acronym fail.
    I’m going to have to buy a few MAGs in their honor.

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