Watching Records Fall

Shot an air pistol Silhouette Match this morning. Actually won the thing, surprisingly, with a 62 out of 80 in open sight pistol. I think I finally found sight settings I like for the IZH-46M I got earlier this year. After the match we had Long Runs, for National Records. I shot well but got 10 of no animal, but I was happy to be on a Jury to see two records fall. Both records were in Senior category.

The first to topple was Chickens, open-sights, previously set almost exactly a year ago on 4/19/2009 by Herbert G. Meyers of Pennsylvania, and was at 18 Chickens, and will now be held by Rowland Smith, also of Pennsylvania with 25 Chickens. The other record, for scoped Pigs, held since 1995 by E. Jones of  California standing at 40 pigs, will now be held by Fred Fischer of Pennsylvania with 51 pigs.

At first I thought Fred had beat Rowland’s own record, but Rowland is the current record holder for open-sight pigs, senior category. In fact, I marked his winning that record last year when it happened.

Overall a pretty damned good day considering it was cold, windy, and not quite an ideal day.