Some Iowa Sheriffs “Just Know”

This here is exactly why we’re against wide discretion:

Based on their experience and contacts, sheriffs sometimes “just know” without written documentation that a person can’t be trusted with a carry permit, Gardner said.

No, you don’t just know. When someone comes in the door to hand you an application, you don’t know him from Adam. Talking to someone for a brief period isn’t like to be more revealing. If you can’t articulate the reasons a permit should be denied, you should issue. That’s how it works for most Iowa counties, and how it works in most states in this country.

8 thoughts on “Some Iowa Sheriffs “Just Know””

  1. Plus even if they personally know somebody, and think they’re a little strange that isn’t due process and right to deny service.

    I’ve been known to have a bit of a heavy foot behind the wheel, doesn’t mean the po-po can give me a speeding ticket because they “just know”, and nobody in their right mind would request they get such powers.

    Why should gun permits be any different?

  2. Interesting how the guy who was denied a permit still committed murder…and they are holding that up as an example of why wide discretion works. If the sheriff really thought the guy could not be trusted with a gun, why did he not call the police? Oh, wait…..

  3. I’m mixed on this one.

    When I got my Massachusetts FID card (before it became a commi rat-hole), that’s how it worked.

    I walked into the local police station, said “Hi” to the Chief and asked for a permit. He asked after my grandparents, and handed me my permit.

    The problem of course, is if the Chief is a douche or anti-gunner and starts denying people for the hell of it – or because he (or she) doesn’t like the family, whatever…

  4. I wonder how many of those they “just knew” shouldn’t have a LTC had the wrong amount of melanin, or were known to have campaigned for a rival during an election, or perhaps happened to be vocal critics of the sheriff’s department…

  5. Or were of the wrong gender. From the comments:

    Maddrake wrote:

    So Rotter’s instincts didn’t stop the murder, guess he can sleep at night. It still happened and would have with/without(probably)a firearm.Instincts when it comes to a Sherriff are an excuse in this case. My niece applied for one in Bremer County and was told no woman needed a permit. The girl hadn’t even had a traffic ticket,no legal problems at all,a straight A student,how do you justify that besides a Sherriff who thinks he is God. Besides, having the capability for violence and the propensity for violence are completely different things.Everyone has a capability for violence under the right conditions,not everyone has the propensity.So basically what this Sheriff is saying is NO ONE needs a permit,especially our veterans that the government has spent so much money and time training.How about martial artists,football players,or for that matter the police themselves? No one can say they don’t have a capability for violence, justified or not.

    4/1/2010 5:03:16 PM

  6. I’ve met more than one LEO that believes wholeheartedly that he can tell who the guilty party is just by looking at him. Based on that, it’s not surprising that other LEOs believe that’s a valid method for CHP applications.

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