Coat tax

From a Colorado legislator, who is sponsoring a bill to eliminate the permit requirement in Colorado:

Holbert, who sponsored the legislation, said the permit is akin to a “coat tax” because it is necessary only when a gun is covered, such as by a coat.

I had never thought of calling a CC permit a “coat tax” before, but it works. Colorado’s House passed the bill. It’s on to the Senate. If Colorado can pass Constitutional Carry, I’m hard pressed to find a reason Pennsylvania can’t do it.

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  1. Unfortunately … Colorado probably can’t. The bill went into the senate via the “State, Veterans & Military Affairs” committee (the pro-gun-bill-kill-committee) and even if it makes it to the governor’s desk … as Denver mayor the current governor was the only member of MAIG in the West. I can’t imagine he won’t veto it.

    I don’t know why Colorado has gone so blue recently, but we definitely didn’t have a red election last time. We had a great conservative/pro-gun choice for governor and didn’t elect him, and also left the Senate in Democrat hands.

  2. “I don’t know why Colorado has gone so blue recently, but we definitely didn’t have a red election last time”

    Maybe because Californians are moving to Colorado and taking their California voting habits with them?

  3. Maybe because Massachusettians have been moving to Colorado? Democrats have poured a ton of money into Colorado recently and built some powerful political machinery designed to win races.

  4. In terms of the governor’s race it should also be noted that the Republican’s really screwed things up, and the best conservative candidate (Tom Tancredo) ended up being aligned with a 3rd party. And the political middle consider him a bit extreme.

    But yeah … we’ve got a lot of Californian’s transplanted here which have shied away from the pro-gun Colorado outlook. And unfortunately in Colorado gun politics still fall along party lines, with most (but not all) democrats being at least moderately anti-gun.

  5. Yep, that’s a great way of putting it. I think that looking at OC vs. CC any different from each other is a stupid move, as its a very taxing task to OC in Maine or New Hampshire, in the dead of winter (note such states see OC as perfectly legal without a permit, but demand a permit as soon as you cover your piece) next to impossible. Just the same as Concealed Carrying in states like Texas and Florida in the dead of summer can be quite the taxing experience.

    We have states essentially taxing the “and bear” part of the 2nd Amendment, or simply forbidding it if you live in Wisconsin, or don’t have a deep concealment piece in Texas or Florida

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