Problems with Sheriffs and LTC Law

Looks like Luzerne County has some issues following the law in regards to notifying LTC holders that their license is about to expire. This is a frequent problem in Pennsylvania. Many sheriffs in Pennsylvania are wont to liberally interpret the background check clause of the Uniform Firearms Act, which establishes Licenses to Carry, and also the Sheriff’s Fee Act, which stipulates what sheriffs are permitted to charge for certain services. As a result the process of getting an LTC isn’t as standardized as it should be. Fortunately there’s an effort to do something about that.

2 thoughts on “Problems with Sheriffs and LTC Law”

  1. I got my PA LTC in Luzerne Co in 2005 (I’ve since moved away). At the time Stankus said he wasn’t sending them out because of his concern about sending letters that basically say “hey this guy owns a gun” when there’s no requirement to do a change of address on a LTC.
    At the time people complained about Stankus I didn’t complain because (1)that kinda sorta made sense to me (2)it took 15 minutes for me to get my permit and that’s only because the cop didn’t like my first picture and (3)Luzerne County probably issued the best permit in the state. Seriously, it was as sturdy as my Drivers License, had a picture, everything (my current VA one is a piece of paper).
    On point (2), there’s places that’ll happily stretch it out that full 45 days just to be dicks.
    Basically, if Luzerne Co is still issuing them in a really good manner, there’s other places I’d go after first.

  2. There’s a hilariously wrong-headed comment ont hat article about how the sheriff doesn’t have the responsibility to track all the licenses that come up: “it’s not the sheriff’s responsibility to keep tabs on ALL of those licenses.”. Uh, the law MAKES it their responsibility

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