Gun Blogging Highlighted on Guns America

Steve from The Firearm Blog did a piece on gun blogging for Guns America that interviewed Caleb and me. It’s an excellent introduction to the gun blogosphere, and our interview covers the state of the gun blogosphere today.Read what I say in the interview, but overall, I would have to say the state of the gun blogosphere has declined in terms of health in the past five years. I don’t think we’re as vibrant a community anymore. Much of that is just that blogging trends have generally been toward consolidation, with traffic circulating more and more among top blogs, and not making its way down nearly as much as it used to. The other reason is that the gun issue just isn’t as much in the public mind these days, and virtually nothing is happening in Congress right now. It hasn’t been as good for the community. The past couple of months have been a tough time for covering Second Amendment politics, save for a few days where we had McDonald, and a few other things. Right now everyone is pissed off about HCR and other fiscal issues.

3 thoughts on “Gun Blogging Highlighted on Guns America”

  1. Yes, I agree. Very little 2A related stuff happening at the federal legislative level. Not that I am displeased with that.

    But the 2A related stuff going on in federal judiciary has, for the past few years (maybe starting with Emerson) has been astounding in impact. It just doesn’t command a wide audience, I guess, aside for the blip in national news post-Heller, and the one that will take place post-McDonald.

    Lots of stuff happening in individual states, though, particularly regarding liberalization of carry … but maybe they are becoming so mundane that no one is making much out of them (except for the Brady’s, who are getting no traction anywhere).

  2. Yeah… I try to cover the big things, but I’m less enthusiastic about covering parts of NRA’s agenda passing in yet another state other than mine. Pennsylvania’s gotten a few minor improvements under Ed Rendell… which is actually kind of fantastic… but we could be doing better.

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