The Blogging Community

Bitter thinks more hook and bullet writers who are trying to break into blogging need to be reading other blogs, and participating in the community as a whole:

If you click through, it’s to a NewsMax article about Obama trying to get NRA ads booted off the air. Petzal is not clear if he’s questioning the existence of the threatening letters, the accuracy of NRA, or NewsMax. I was a little perturbed by this when I left a comment outlining numerous sources that link the letters and responses.

But then I realized that I was actually a little short because of a slightly related beef with the outdoor media and the blogosphere. I applaud these forms of dead tree media for encouraging their writers to blog. However, I’m not sure that they really understand what a community the blogosphere is, and how that community makes the blogosphere as great as it is, especially in the gun world.

I would agree.  Read the whole thing.