Kim du Toit to Stop Blogging

We wish him the best.  Seriously… blogging is tough.  To do it well is a fair amount of work.  It’s something that occupies much of your waking thought.  At some points, it’s more of a burden than fun.  I can understand why folks get tired of it.  I am not very close to that myself, but in five years, who knows.  I imagine I will probably always have some sort of presence on Al Gore’s Internets, and I don’t see myself ever getting out of gun rights activism.

Kim is one of the early gun blogging pioneers, who, along with Bitter, SayUncle, and Jeff Soyer, were among the first to draw me into this corner of the Blogosphere.

3 thoughts on “Kim du Toit to Stop Blogging”

  1. Seriously… blogging is tough. To do it well is a fair amount of work. It’s something that occupies much of your waking thought.

    Very true, I thought it was going to be easy, it’s not nearly as easy as thought, and I’m not even that good.

    It’s a real shame to see Du Toit hanging it up, he’s excellent. I’ve been kind of scouting around for a new gunblog to read since the announcement. I like what you write and you’re a Keystone guy too, so I think you’re my new site to read for 2nd Amendment news.

  2. I think Mr. du Toit will be sorley missed. I always enjoy his views on the U.S. especially as he his not from here it gives him a uniqe perspective on our problems. The pictures of the ladies are going to be missed as well.

  3. For some reason, I am unable to leave comments on his site. Most vexing.
    Anyway, I’d disagree with him (again) when he denies being a ‘general’ : The fact that he’s a reluctant one only makes him better, a la George Washington. And, like Washington, it seems, he is leaving the public life for his home and loved ones. (He himself cites Cincinnatus, another fine example.) However disappointing it will be not to have his insight, intellect and wit, there is no way you can say that he hasn’t done enough. He’s a True American.
    I’ll join the masses wishing him well, and will continue to visit the site just to re-read and reflect on the subjects he covered so well.

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