Brady Surveying New “Members”

Looks like the Brady Campaign is surveying its list, I’m going to guess because of the signatures they got on the Starbucks Petition. This is something NRA has been doing for a while now, actually, though not in this level of detail. I’ve said that even though, so far, the Brady Campaign has lost the Battle of the Coffee and Scones, as I will now dub it, they won just by fighting. Now they have 33,000 new people they will want more information about so they can target with mailings and alerts, and more importantly fundraising letters.

I’m going to ask pro-gun people not to fill out the form to mess with them. If you do, you will be counted among the Brady Supporters the next time they march into a politician or corporate leader’s office and demand they do something. Brady is not a membership organization like NRA is, they use the standard DC model, which is if you’re on their mailing list, you’re a supporter.

UPDATE: Well, OK, if you’re going to make it that obvious :)

5 thoughts on “Brady Surveying New “Members””

  1. I went over and took the survey, ignoring several questions which had only answers along the lines of “guns are bad” versus “guns and gun owners are bad.”

    What I felt a need to comment on is their question on Heller: It asks for one’s understanding of the 2nd Amendment, and every single possible answer starts with “It gives the right…” This irks me more than people who say decimate when they mean devastate.

    Rights are not given by the government. Rights are protected against infringement by the government through the limits on government power stated in the Constitution.

    If the US can’t remember this, and get it right, then forget about having any individual rights.

  2. Mikee … you do realize that what you say means absolutely nothing to them. The only thing that matters to them is that you gave their site another hit, and possibly, their “membership” a bump.

    You are casting pearls before swine … and guess what … they swine don’t care one bit.

    Please … write your elected representatives instead.

  3. I’m pretty sure Ernesto would have been anti gun, despite his extensive use of them as a “disciplinary” means and for Revolutionary edict-enforcement, after all it was guns that killed him when he was traipsing around Bolivia trying to kill others…

  4. If enough gunnies take the survey and make it obvious we don’t support their agenda at all, they end up in the same “reasoned discourse” position other gun control sites do – and run a higher risk of having to give away their prize to one of their enemies.

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