10 thoughts on “What Chili is So Hot It’s a Weapon?”

  1. I’ve been the recipient of a pepper round from a shotgun. I could see the grenade being a very effective crowd control device.

  2. I’ve been the recipient of a pepper round from a shotgun.

    IGOLD get a little rowdy this year? :)

    I kid.. I’m guessing that was part of your military training.

  3. It was tear gas in boot camp.

    I was testing some pepper rounds and the wind gusted back in my direction right after I shot one off.

  4. You need a Class B license to carry to get pepper spray in Massachusetts. It’s a pain in the ass but the police usually won’t give you issues if you want one.

    It’s legal in New Jersey provided the canister isn’t bigger than 3/4oz and you’re over 18.

    New York is similar to NJ, except no size limit, though to sell it you have to be a licensed dealer or licensed pharmacist. They also limit possession by felons, people convicted of assault, and people under 18.

  5. I’m familiar with the peppers they’re using, and they are insanely hot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they approached critical mass and exploded when too many are stacked in a pile. ;)

  6. “Ghost chilis”, I’ve heard them called. Adam Richman ate a burger topped with them on an episode of Man Vs. Food. I think he managed to eat the whole thing, but he wasn’t looking good afterwards.

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