Way to Stay Classy, Anti-Gun Folks

I think perhaps the Brady folks need to remove some tags on their photos. Take a look at this Facebook picture, and hover over some of the pictures and look at the captions. Apparently some anti-gun folks believe gun owners are compensating for “a small wiener” and lack of getting “laid in high school?” And that these folks are “assholes?” Now, based on the fact that it looks like some people have gotten anti-Brady and pro-gun stuff in there, I would say they likely were put there by misguided supporters, rather than staff. But it doesn’t appear they are policing the tags very well.

UPDATE: The Bradys say they are removing the tags. It’s tough escaping the fact that this is a culture war issue.

11 thoughts on “Way to Stay Classy, Anti-Gun Folks”

  1. I reported the photo because “the tags […] attack and individual or group”

    The best way to deal with persistent jerks is to make trouble for them. Most people have a lot of spleen to vent as long as there are no consequences…

  2. Sooooo…. if Starbuck’s has always had a policy of no policy (defaulting to local law), has there been some rash of shootings to somehow justify some sort of policy? I just wonder what stuck it in the heads of Brady and Co to pick on Starbucks. I believe Home Depot and other large national chains have the same policy.

    1. A group of open carry advocates met at a Bay Area Starbucks in California and talked to the press. I presume Brady thought they would fold quickly and ban guns given that they assume all of the latte drinkers of the world are like Abby Spangler. (Who, I may note, has children with a very troubling addiction to scones – at least based her obsessive comments about them.) They forget that Starbucks customers in places like Oklahoma and the Dakotas will turn on them quickly if they become known as a company that supports anti-gun efforts.

  3. Thank you for pointing this out. The tags are being removed immediately.

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