Men With Guns, Eh Abby?

I wanted to share with you a comment from a few days ago from “One of the Women” we had lunch with post-McDonald:

Regarding those four women lawyers you were at lunch with after McDonald oral arguments, I was one of them. Two of those women lawyers had arrived in the dead of night, alone, and had to park their cars in an isolated area in a parking garage at Union Station. 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Each woman was alone. It was dark. Neither woman is physically strong. Each had to navigate her way across a dark parking lot to a dark elevator room, down an enclosed elevator, through a dim and unpopulated area inside Union Station.

And each woman had to do it absolutely unarmed. One of the women is soon to be 60 and could have been beaten to a pulp by most any male over the age of 16. The area was accessible by anyone. And the laws in D.C. prohibited her from the most obvious self-protection — a small, hand-held firearm. A 60-year-old woman attorney with an absolutely spotless record, and D.C. laws would not allow her to have the means of self-protection with her. There was no security officer any where near, and a phone call for help would have required an officer driving to Union Station, driving up four levels of a parking garage, and looking for a dead or mangled body.

Abby Spangler needs to start thinking of women and of women’s safety.

Absolutely. Bitter and I did the same walk, later in the morning than they did. I had to leave my gun at home, because despite the fact that I can legally carry in Virginia, I can’t have a gun in the District, even locked in my vehicle, unloaded and in a locked container. For all intents and purposes, my Second Amendment rights did not exist for that weekend. As great a victory as Heller was, and as great a victory as I believe McDonald will be, we still have a long way to go.

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  1. I got curious about Abby , so a short bit of googling turned up what I thought were some interesting factoids. Seems Abby is just another in a long line of rich, over endulged elitists, which so often seems to be the backbone of the Pro Victimhood camp.

    Seems her family started the CD Spangler Foundation , based out of Charlolette NC. Abby is the President of the foundation and thus has control over the money. A few years back their holdings were over 300 Million, but since they were heavily vested in Bank of America and Wachovia ,their liquid funding totals took a 2/3rds hit , down to about 120 Million or so. Still nothing to laugh at , as I bet thats more then The Brady Bunch, VPC , etc combined.

    Im sniffing around the edges of something else, something I’ve noticed with CeaseFire NJ as well. If Im right , it could be a huge blow, but I need some expert analysis to refute or verify my suspicions and so far I havent been able to find an accountant or tax expert willing to take a peek

  2. “…As great a victory as Heller was, and as great a victory as I believe McDonald will be, we still have a long way to go…”

    Yep, a long way to go still. Your lawyer friend makes good points that are well-illustrated by this ironic example of our civil rights being trampled. I lived in D.C. for about 5 years and virtually everyone I knew locally at the time was mugged, usually at gun-point, during the same period. When friends moved out of the district, they usually headed for Virginia, not Maryland, for the purposes of arming themselves.

  3. If those ladies had been carrying a gun, the bad man would have simply taken it away from them and used it on them. Or, being women, they would have lacked the nerve to use it. Or, like Ann Richards says, it would have gotten lost in their purse…


  4. Until all law-abiding Americans (and legal resident aliens) get to enjoy the same latitude of freedom currently enjoyed by Alaskans and Vermonters with respect to gun rights, in all 50 states and in Washington DC, we’ve still got lots of work to do.

  5. Markie Marxist sez: “Ha! Ha! We Marxists turned the right to keep and bear arms into the crime of gun possession, and we didn’t even have to change the Constitution to do it! Ha! Ha!”

  6. That’s why they make small frame .38cal revolvers. No cases left after shooting goblins in those anti-self-defence hellholes…
    And I lived/was employed in that area for four years.

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