Binders Full of Women vs. Underage Prostitutes

I’m a woman, and I’m having some trouble following the media narrative on women’s issues in politics. If I’m following it correctly, I believe these are the highlights:

1) I am under attack in a war that has been declared on my gender.

2) Those attacks are only from men who may want to tell me about how to use my reproductive organs to make babies, but not by the men who want to restrict my right to defend myself from a rapist who may want to make use of said reproductive organs without my consent.

3) I attended an all-woman college that was founded on the principles that women, even those of very modest means, could contribute more to society than just pleasing men and required high academic standards for women of the day. Yet, in the last election, the message to women on campus was that the only way to define a woman’s role in elections is through the interest of her reproductive organs (that she should not be able to protect from assault using a personal firearm).

4) The candidate for president who made a remark about seeking out qualified women for administration jobs was the leader of the opposition in this war on women, but the President who appointed an ambassador who may have been screwing underage girls is absolutely on the side of women. Oh, and since the Department of State was under the leadership of a woman (who also attended a single sex institution), it’s okay that investigators looking into these allegations were ordered to stop their work.

I’m just making sure that I’m able to keep up. Maybe it’s because I’m in a relationship with a neanderthal gun owner that I’m a little slow to keep up on these complex matters. According to the media, this should all be clear to me (and my reproductive organs that define who I am). Regardless of what they tell me, I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around this so-called war.

7 Responses to “Binders Full of Women vs. Underage Prostitutes”

  1. Merle says:

    Well then, “they” are doing a good job – you are confused :)

    • Bitter says:

      Maybe the strategy is that is they confuse me enough, I’ll stop trying to think with my brain and realize that, as a woman, I must rely exclusively on my reproductive organs to guide me through life.

      • Merle says:

        Yes, that plus this is another way to marginalize your gender & make it appear that your reproductive organs do all your thinking. Thus your opinions are unimportant.

        I’m sure you know that has been an effective tactic against men for many years.

      • Matthew Carberry says:

        No, no, no…

        You’re to rely exclusively on the guidance of the reproductive organs of women who are -enlightened-, not your own.

        Your own organs, like the organs of so many other lost souls, may try to trick you into “submitting to a man” and becoming merely a wife and mother.

  2. TS says:

    And why are Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin waging war against themselves?

  3. Richard says:

    Modern feminism and the MSM are organs of the left and behave accordingly. Hope this helps with the confusion.

  4. RKflorida says:

    This “War” is like all the other media generated fictions. It’s only real on talk shows, blogs, etc. It’s not real in the actual lives of the citizens.