Coverage of Starbucks Protest

From NBC Washington. A fairly balanced report. Noticed at least one Brady staffer in the crowd — Dennis Henigan. Our side managed to come across without seeming nutty, which I think is great. Sure, there’s a guy open carrying a rifle, but the context is perfect. Notice the guy who had the concealed gun? Right next to it is an iPhone, and he has a cup of Starbucks in his hand. So much for Abby’s implicit suggestion that gun owners are not people of means enough to spend any significant amount of money at Starbucks, eh?

UPDATE: Contrast with this coverage from the local ABC affiliate, which was completely one sided, and used loaded terminology. Most of the report is spent covering their side of the issue, and about two seconds is devoted to our side.

UPDATE: WTOP, the local radio news station in DC coverage here.

4 thoughts on “Coverage of Starbucks Protest”

  1. I thought the sign that I caught a glimpse of was amusing: purely from a cognitive dissonance perspective.

    It read “You can’t smoke in a restaurant, but you can carry a gun”.

    Please tell me that the writer/wielder of that poster doesn’t think that is a cogent argument.

    I might not be permitted to smoke in a restaurant, but that doesn’t say that I can’t carry cigarettes and a lighter. As for the second clause: If I don’t SHOOT in a restaurant (doing so being illegal except in certain circumstances), why shouldn’t I carry the means to do so?

  2. That’s a good point. What the anti-gunners are essentially asking for is to throw customers out if they even flash a hint of a cigarette pack, or even indicate to other customers that they smoke and have cigarettes on them.

  3. So it’s par for the course for ABC. My wife likes their morning programs and regularly see their reporters and anchors basically quote the Democrat party line verbatim. NBC may have some crappy cable stations, but they sure beat ABC’s coverage on the broadcast side.

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