And What’s Todd Palin? Chopped Liver?

A funny thing happened on the way to Phoenix…

As I’ve been planning the Second Amendment Blog Bash, I thought it would be fun to post polls on the sidebar of the website for people to vote when they check he latest information. It’s not exactly on par with a rocking night out, but it was meant to get people excited about the Bash.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that diehard GOP voters will hijack any poll and spam the site with fake votes and crazy comments. The first came from Mitt Romney supporters. They not only shared a link on the top Mitt websites, but one actually set up some kind of a script to vote for Mitt as their favorite invited speaker about five times every second. I changed the poll and banned everyone who voted for him after I got the first hit from the site. I also complained to the main culprits and they did honor my request to remove the links.

The latest is from a group of rabid Sarah Palin fans. Now, I like Sarah Palin. I became a much more active campaign volunteer once she was on the ticket. We waited to put a McCain sign out in the lawn until she was on the ticket. But, when people start using the Bash site comments to tell me about why they believe she’s G-d, things get a little creepy. So, again, when the kiddies over at started spamming the poll (one vote a minute – a little less demanding on the server, thank goodness), it was changed and a note went up asking them to stop. So far, they have refused to honor my registration so I can ask them to remove the link, and I’m not sure they will ever acknowledge it.

But, in telling you this, I pose the question that Sebastian asked me when I told him about the creepy comments: If Sarah is G-d, then what does that make Todd Palin?

4 thoughts on “And What’s Todd Palin? Chopped Liver?”

  1. Duh! Sex slave of G-d!

    Oh, he has some title, I suppose. Grand Duke of Procreation, or something.

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