Philly Inquirer Hysterical about McDonald

So they say in a recent editorial:

Assuming that the court is willing to overturn century-old legal precedent to apply its ruling outside the nation’s capital, it will be embarking on a social and legal experiment that’s likely to play out across the chalk outlines on many cities’ mean streets.

Except we can see pretty clearly that’s utter bunk.

4 thoughts on “Philly Inquirer Hysterical about McDonald”

  1. Actually, I might be in agreement with that. If, of course, by chalk outlines they mean the dead perps who realized too late that they chose the wrong profession. I can definitely support the results of that experiment.

  2. Not to mention that our state level RKBA guarantee is already *more* *powerful* and *less* *ambiguous* than the federal RKBA guarantee.

  3. Geek hit the nail on the head. Incorporation will make ZERO difference in Philly/PA.

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