More on NRA Voting Patterns

Some interesting statistics on how NRA members vote.  I hope blog readers who are eligible to vote in NRA elections do so.  It’s really the only way to make sure your views are represented in Fairfax.  Bitter thinks participation is low because of the lack of star power.  I actually don’t tend to vote for the celebrities because they don’t usually need any help getting votes.  I tend to pick about 6 or so candidates, and leave it at that.  Here’s a poll to answer some questions I’m curious about:

[poll 6]

9 thoughts on “More on NRA Voting Patterns”

  1. I don’t think general participation is low because of the lack of celebrities. I said that specific year likely had lower participation because of a lack of them. It may not be the case, but you can’t deny that the year with Tom Selleck on the ballot, 20,000 more ballots were returned than the year with no “celebrity” names even though there were more ballots sent the year with the lower participation.

    I’m going to make a chart with 2006, 2007, and 2008 tonight when I finish settling in this evening at my mom’s.

  2. Euro-trash … I’m not an NRA member, but I am a somewhat regular reader, figured I’d cast my vote to give you some insight in your blogger public

  3. Well, I am eligible (both due to not being a long-term/life member, and that whole letting-my-membership-lapse thing…). Vaguely considering taking the leap for an installment lifetime… or at least renewing again. Probably the latter.

  4. I went life. They were offering a deal for 500 if you bought at the convention. Couldn’t pass up a half price life membership.

  5. I didn’t vote because I believed I was ineligible, but now it appears I was wrong. I thought I had to be a Life Member AND have at least 5 years of continuous membership, not either/or.

    Beyond that, I’m not educated fully enough about the possible candidates to cast knowledgeable votes. This WILL change before the next election comes around.

  6. I let my membership lapse a while back so I’m out of the voting.

    Sad thing is, I never intended to let it lapse. I thought I had renewed already and I was so used to seeing snail mail from the NRA laden with the words “Act now!” and “Last Chance!” I just pitched them into the circular filing cabinet.

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