Earlier today I heard a rumor that Roberts was stepping down as Chief Justice for “personal reasons.” It turns out that the rumor was false. Thank God for us, because we’d be utterly fscked if that were the case. They all have to stay on/alive for the next few months. Let’s not have any unexpected resignations or deaths. I heard that Scalia is a smoker. Please Justice Scalia, try some of this.

4 thoughts on “Whew!”

  1. My heart almost stopped as well.

    But we need them for years. I don’t know where these 5 will vote on overturning an AWB, but I sure don’t want to entrust it to the other 4 plus 1 more Obama pick. If they can hold out until 2012 maybe we’ll have a better situation for getting justices picked.

  2. If Scalia quit smoking he is more likely to die. FYI

    Older people often die from quitting smoking, it’s too much of a metabolic shock. Rather, we need to get him to reduce his smoking slowly over several years.


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