Who’s Bringin’ the Stupid Today?

I pose the title question in a format that Senator Daylin Leach may understand – given that it reflects his own rhetoric against those with whom he disagrees.

Senator Leach, in all the wisdom he can muster, tried to explain his theory – which we will call Leach’s Law – on the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court that might have reached #fail proportions.

Our favorite 5 are nothing if not predictable. You don’t even have to know the issue before the court to know who is going to win. All you need to know are the litigants. So for example, if it’s a prosecutor vs. a criminal defendant, well then the prosecutor is going to win. If it’s a civil-rights plaintiff vs. a company accused of discrimination, then the company is going to win, unless the plaintiffs are white guys, in which case the white guys are going to win. In fact, its a pretty good rule of thumb that if the case is white guys against anyone else for any reason the white guys are going to win.

Using Senator Leach’s theory, let’s examine the McDonald case.

Otis McDonald is not white. Colleen Lawson is not a man. Chicago, in this case, plays the role of prosecutor. And both McDonald and Lawson, along with the other plaintiffs, are seeking relief from a civil rights violation. Under Leach’s Law, the five Justices will vote that the handgun ban stands and governments are free to continue denying a fundamental right to minority citizens.

Wait. That’s not the conclusion he reaches. I guess even Leach’s Law is meant to be broken every once in a while since he actually believes the minority parties will win over the government oppressing a civil right.

If you want more of his twisted logic, feel free to click on over and read why he looks forward to the result of the case so he can push more gun control. (See, I told you it was twisted.)

3 thoughts on “Who’s Bringin’ the Stupid Today?”

  1. Pro-gun laws benefit corporations (gun manufacturers, insurance companies, the NRA, etc.). Gun control laws do not benefit any corporate entity.

  2. Jujube,

    Do you think that gun control doesn’t financially benefit anyone either? Oh wait, since the Brady Campaign’s money dried up I guess maybe it doesn’t… :-P

    Anyways, I think the idea that the SCOTUS would vote in a certain way to boost handgun sales is a little weak. After all, the threat of more restrictions seems to fuel a firestorm in sales. The best thing to boost sales would be to uphold more restrictions and signal that another AWB or other onerous restrictions would be welcomed!

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