Vitter Joins the Hold on Sullivan

Senator David Vitter joins Senator Crapo and Craig and also places a hold on Sullivan’s confirmation. No doubt Sullivan is paying attention now. Write your senators and tell them how you feel about this matter. Also, letting Senator Vitter know you appreciate his support can’t hurt either.

3 thoughts on “Vitter Joins the Hold on Sullivan”

  1. Vitter and Craig, two embattled Senators. Can we get somebody who isn’t being hounded by the press for their sexual pecadilloes? Not that I care…but others might.

  2. Thank you senator for the hold on Sullivan, I wish all felt the same as you.

  3. A just outed long time in the closet gay senator. Come on. Nothing to lose and a list of who did what to who for how long. Have the bugler sound the charge.

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