The Washington Experience

Over the course of the weekend, we met up with at least four lobbyists from wildly varying industries/issues who all know each other and work together from time-to-time when their issues cross. And while you hear some politicians decry “special interests” in politics, every single one of them represents real people on the ground or industries that make products you and I use every day. These people are not just my friends and acquaintances, they really do represent me. And if you read and enjoy this blog, they represent you, too. Remember that any time a politician decries a “special interest,” they are really complaining that someone who disagrees with them has the nerve to speak up.

One thought on “The Washington Experience”

  1. My pleasure!

    Just wish I could have gotten up to the court.

    As it is, I ended up not even stepping outside all day as I was hard at work defending real people – who are otherwise routinely attacked as special interest by, um, other special interests who actually don’t represent anybody (but their own bank account).

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