McDonald in Pictures

I’m Uploading Here All My Pictures from the Event, with appropriate labels. Many of them you likely saw in Twitter if you were following my feed, but here they are for those of you who were not following along on Twitter. You can click on the pics to make them bigger, and to see my footnotes.

After the case, we headed to lunch with Sandy Froman and some of the folks from NRA’s General Counsel’s office. Headed over to NRA-ILA’s Federal Affairs office in DC after that just to be able to sit down for a few minutes. We got a chance to chat with Chris Cox and Rachel, our blogger Media Liaison. Then on to the reception where we spoke with some of the ISRA folks, some Calguns Foundation Folks, and Alan Gura.

We got a pretty wide array of gun rights opinion from many different parties. Everyone was very positive about the case, and was in high spirits. I think this was a great day for the Second Amendment, and I am thankful we have so many smart and dedicated practitioners out there fighting for it. Let us hope the outcome is as positive as our moods yesterday.

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  1. “Paul Helmke Doing What He Does Best” – I thought that picture was going to be NSFW. You know, talking out of his ass, mental masturbation, that sort of thing.

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