More Pictures from McDonald

Dave Hardy had some up, including one with Bitter and me in it, in the crowd outside of McDonald after the argument. We’re toward the center of the shot. To the right of the shot you can see the backs of Bob Dowlut, NRA General Counsel, and Sarah Gervase who works in General Counsel’s office, and who filed a brief in the case. I don’t recognize anyone else in the shot.

At first I didn’t think I was in the picture. I just noticed some old guy was obscuring Bitter, but then I realized the grey old man was actually me. Crap! I didn’t think I had turned that grey. I’ve gotten way too fat too. Sometimes you don’t notice until you see yourself in a picture.

His picture of the reception is better than mine. There’s some people in there you might recognize.

5 thoughts on “More Pictures from McDonald”

  1. Same thing here, a couple of years ago a friend snapped a picture of me from the back carrying my twins. I recognized the location and the babies, but not the guy with the big patch of gray on the back of his head. Until the shocked realization that that was me.

  2. Don’t fret about seeing just “some old guy.” I once looked at a photo that I was in, and I did not recognize myself. I was about to yell at my husband: “WHO the h*ll was that woman standing next to you and touching you?!” Then I recognized my coat. It’s a wonder I didn’t think she’d stolen my coat also. Age creeps up on us.

  3. Grey, and apparently beginning migration south.

    Happens to the best of us. :-)

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