More on Pennsylvania Reciprocity

Looking over the letter, I think the person may have contacted the incorrect division within the Office of Attorney General, or it was referred to the incorrect division. The division that handles the reciprocity agreements with other states is the Office of Legislative Affairs, and the reply came from The Criminal Prosecution Office. I have worked up a letter to them as well, and will send it along asking for clarification on the previous letter. It’s quite possible the person responding to this letter has little knowledge of the status of our agreements with other states, but nonetheless had to come up with something. We’ll see what kind of answer I get.

One thought on “More on Pennsylvania Reciprocity”

  1. Thank you for doing this. I have been following the Florida Non-Res issue, but figured I was OK because I also have a Virginia non-res (which the PSP said recently that they would honor). This new AG letter caught me by surprise this morning.

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