Holder Indicates New AWB Still on Table

Apparently he’s looking for a repeat of 1994. To me, the real worry is he’ll push this after we kick all the pro-gun Democrats out of office and replace them with Republicans who will be untested, or in some cases anti-gun outright. After 2010, he won’t have Harry Reid in his way either.

UPDATE: Sorry folks, this popped up in Google just recently, linking to the ABC story which is a year old. I just read the date and thought it was new. I didn’t notice the year.

12 thoughts on “Holder Indicates New AWB Still on Table”

  1. check the date…? 2009…but it still doesn’t mean we can relax…

  2. I was sure that Obama was smarter than this. I figured he would wait until the second term to push for a new AWB. Looks like

  3. Yeah, The Obama Administration have already clearly stated that it’s Healthcare that is the hill they’ll be dying on. Gun Control hill is still mostly littered with Clinton-Era Goons.

  4. The same thing happened over at WND and I read it until I realized it was old stuff.

  5. Even if it was a current and new story, it would be like closing the barn door after the horse has fled the fire.

    WIth all the guns and ammo purchased since 2008, to try and ban anything now would be too little, too late.

  6. It’s still a valid concern. We know what Holder wants, even if he hasn’t restated it recently, and we know what Obama wants, even if he’s set it aside while he destroys the economy with socialist health care and cap and trade. So it’s good to see a reminder once in awhile.

    If an AWB get’s passed in a year or two and doesn’t get to SCOTUS until 2012 or beyond, who knows what the justices will look like? With a couple of more replacements they may determine that anything more than a single shot .22 short pistol is an exotic weapon civilians shouldn’t own, so an AWB would be OK with Heller.

  7. It’s OK, MikeB missed the date as well and got all excited.

    We popped his ballon.

  8. I saw this on the news website “Before it’s News” … which should really be called “After it’s news.”

    I swear, some journalists and bloggers and the like are so damned excited to get “news” out there that they don’t even pay attention to crucial details.

    You’d think such a competitive field would weed out the bad ones, but alas … I think it just encourages them and shoddy work.

  9. Eternal vigilance is nevertheless required. Holder is no friend of the Constitution or Bill of Rights. I’d rest easier if he were out of there. He’s even more of a statist than Janet Reno, who he studied under.

  10. Harry Reid is probably gone. But this will never get through Congress next year. Too few Republicans willing to cross over on this issue – particluarly after we do some serious Rino hunting this Spring. And the few Blue Dogs left are not going to betray their voters (again).

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