LA Times Manages to Miss Real Issues

Someone wrote this who kind of sort of knows the legal issues in McDonald, but not really. We’ve already won on most of the issues presented here. This case is about incorporation, they got that part right, but the question presented to the Court is whether it’s incorporated under the Privileges or Immunities clause of the 14th amendment, or incorporated through the due process incorporation route that’s been how we’ve done things in the 20th century. This has implications far beyond gun rights, which you’d expect a newspaper like the LA Times to cover.

Hat Tip to Dave Hardy for the article. Hat tip for also choosing a great Chinese place in Northern Virginia for dinner too.

2 thoughts on “LA Times Manages to Miss Real Issues”

  1. California has no RKBA in the state constitution so it’s still considered to be a privilege in California until it is incorporated. As of today, it is still not incorporated.

  2. This article is not perfect but it’s better than most. I can’t remember the last MSM piece I’ve read that discussed the DP/P&I dichotomy and didn’t get at least one major fact wrong. One article said the NRA doesn’t want P&I incorporation because that would lead to other rights the NRA opposes (as opposed to not caring about them one way or the other). Another actually said that the Slaughter-Houses Cases ruled that the P&I clause only applies to the federal government!

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