Reasoned DiscourseTM Has Broken Out Again

At the Heeding God’s Call Facebook Page:

The purpose of the page is promote the work of Heeding God’s Call and to announce upcoming actions and activities. Attempts at turning it into a blog to be used for trash-talking and hostile notes regarding our mission has caused us to make this decision. Please continue to check in regularly for updates and news.

It’s their sandbox. I will give them that. But it’s just one more example of shutting down debate when they are called out for their bullshit. This has become almost routine by now.

UPDATE: They claim that 60 people turned out in support of their cause, even though we heard from reports yesterday that the total was less than that, and that most of them were Second Amendment supporters.

3 thoughts on “Reasoned DiscourseTM Has Broken Out Again”

  1. Their fearless ” leader” Shane Clairborne left his “flock” much earlier then the rest. I swear some of these people were reminding me of mindless Jim Jones type followers. It was really a little disconcerting how many of them were incapable of debating on their own and went nearly wooden and looking for support when challenged. Interestingly enough, on the rare occasions when we were able to peel off one of the sheep and talk to them absent their group think, they seemed more open and receptive to what we were trying to say. There was one old man that admitted he had no idea about the trace data or what it was actually all about. I’ll give him credit for at least being adult enough to admit what he didnt know and showed he was willing to listen to an alternate view.

    This is why I dont always agree that its a waste of time engaging these people in debate. If the seed of doubt can be planted and it sprouts into successfully peeling off the strap hangers from the main body, then its one less person in their membership. Psychological Warfare talks alot about how to go about sowing seeds of doubt, discontent and mistrust in your targeted group.

  2. Congratulations to them on finding tens of people wiling to show up. Meanwhile, in Illinois, we’re trying to figure out where we can hold the next IL Gun Owner Lobbying Day if this year outgrows the convention center in Springfield as we expect. The Prairie Capitol Convention Center lists its capacity as a little under 8,000 and is by far the biggest indoor venue in town.

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