Another Opportunity for Reasoned Discourse

Looks like Heeding God’s Call is getting their new media game on with a shiny new Facebook page, where for now people can comment freely. If arguing the religious and philosophical basis for self-defense isn’t your thing, CeaseFire PA also has a Facebook group, and it’s all “Lost and Stolen” all the time over there. Well, assuming there was any discussion, which so far it doesn’t appear that there is.

I don’t expect these to be open discussion forums for long. Our experience with gun control new media projects is that when they are overwhelmed by pro-gun arguments, they quickly decide that stifling the opposition viewpoint is really the best means to their ends.

6 thoughts on “Another Opportunity for Reasoned Discourse

  1. “Heeding God’s Call … to ban guns.”

    Oh for the love of christ!

  2. Heeding God’s Call deleted my wall post. Something’s strange about Ceasfire PA. they had nothing on their wall until i posted something. it seems to still be there, but i am suspicious. maybe Bryan Miller forgot to pay his Facebook bill.

  3. actually Heeding God’s Call didn’t delete the post. They have interesting settings on their wall that segregate posts from them. if you click the tab that says “just fans” my post is there. this hides it from casual view.

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