Today is PSH Day

This is the day, if you were to pay attention to the media, our National Parks will explode with violence, with people happily shooting their guns off into the air, at animals, and each other. Mass hysteria! The South Florida Sun Sentinel thinks we’re nuts, and editorializes like a bunch of Jr. High kids with name calling. The LA Times says we’re permitted, but not welcome, and notes that the variation in state law is just too confusing for us stupid gun owners to follow, even though we do regularly already. Maybe for NPS bureaucrats, but not for us. The Asheville, NC Citizen-Times reports on a person who thinks it’s an invitation to violence.

Me? I’m just happy I no longer risk breaking the law when I go to see friends and relatives in Phoenixville, and have to transit Valley Forge National Park. Under the old regime the NPS would enforce state law on state rights of way through a park, but hit a deer and have to get out of your car? Less clear. And hitting a deer in VFNP is a high probability event.

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  1. And hitting a deer in VFNP is a high probability event.

    You know that the Brady Campaign will point to this and show why our nation’s protected wildlife is now in danger thanks to gun owners. :)

  2. I can beat you on the last paragraph. My apartment is located on a small peninsula in Alexandria, VA. There’s one road in front of the building going north south, and a bike trail that runs north south. That’s it.

    The road south of my building was NPS. So was the bike trail. It was illegal for me to carry a weapon to drive to the damn grocery store unless I wanted to go to a smaller store or go 10 minutes out of my way to get around
    The bike trail north is/was also NPS land in parts right near my place. Maybe. It was badly marked.

    Basically I had one road north that I could drive or walk to leave my building. This was rarely the most convenient way to go.

  3. Gee, I posted my thanks to Pres. Obama for recognizing my Constitutional rights on Federal property but the comments disappeared. Guess it’s in queue. Yah, That’s it. Just in queue waiting for moderation.

  4. Can anyone hear the echo of Rat-a-tat-tat gunfire like the first day of deer season? Or will it be just another normal day in national parks with out the PSH threats?

  5. Living in Asheville NC, it’s nice that we can now take the Blue Ridge parkway as a shortcut across town and not have to disarm while doing so.

  6. As the sun sets on PSH day, demand an accounting from the banners: Where are the bodies? Where is the blood-soaked park ground?

    In short, put up or STFU.

  7. And hitting a deer in VFNP is a high probability event.

    ..and this is of course because the NPS, in it’s continued mission to protect the areas entrusted to it’s care, are willing to 1) spend millions to weed spray invasive plants and trees, 2) start controlled burns because it’s important to the ecosystem, 3) put up things like bluebird nesting boxes, to help out threatened animals , but then they utterly refuse to 4) manage a species that gets out of whack with the carrying capacity of the land by refusing to employ the only proven method of wildlife control that doesn’t equal a bucket-full of red budget ink.

  8. Well, here in SC we still have an interesting situation. Our state law prohibits carrying in any of the government buildings that might happen to be in National Parks. Yes, we have one- the Congaree National Park is in South Carolina.

    So you want to use the bathroom? You can’t carry there.

    One suggestion I heard was to put your gun in a fanny pack and hand it to someone else (who must also have a CWP) when you go to tinkle. That or use a tree. :)

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