Importance of the 2010 Vote

Over on the site Bitter and I maintain for EVC purposes, we talk about why the 2010 elections are going to be vitally important, despite it being a midterm.  Why?  Because the people you elect at the state level are going to get to decide how your state gets redistricted after the 2010 census.  In Pennsylvania, we have a paper thin Democratic Majority in the House, and a Republican majority in the Senate.  After the 2000 census, Pennsylvania lost two seats, which lead to the elimination of two Democratic seats, and the creation of the sixth district, which is now occupied by Jim Gerlach.  We are expected to lose at least another seat in the 2010 census.  All else being equal, I’d prefer the Republicans to decide the new districts rather than the Democrats, which would easily cement Pennsylvania as a true-blue state.