PSH Alert on National Park Carry

The latest bit of Pants Shitting Hysterics comes to us from The National Parks Conservation Assocation:

Originally written in the 1930s to prevent wildlife poaching, the parks’ firearms regulation was carefully revised during the Reagan Administration to be as narrowly restrictive as possible, while also assisting park personnel to prevent unlawful killing of wildlife. NPCA believes the current regulations strike an appropriate balance between the rights of individuals to possess firearms under state and federal laws and hunt in areas of the National Park System where it is permitted, and the safety of national park visitors and wildlife. NPCA will express its views in the public comment period, but highlighted a few of them today.

Park safety and enjoyment: We believe that enabling individuals to carry loaded guns in national parks will alarm families visiting the parks, and heighten the possibility for deadly visitor conflicts.

It doesn’t seem alarm families anywhere else that have laws allowing licensed individuals to carry firearms.  Why are the National Parks any different?  Why should they be different?

Hat tip to Of Arms and the Law