Build Your Own Enfield SA-80

Looks like the kit is going to cost about $2600. Really? If I’m going to shell out that kind of money I’d really prefer a finished product, and I’m not sure I’d pay $2600 for a completed semi-auto SA-80 clone either. It should be perfectly legal to make a semi-auto SA-80 domestically in the US, but I wonder if they are concerned about the possibility of lawsuits.

3 thoughts on “Build Your Own Enfield SA-80”

  1. To be honest, between this and the ACR, I’ll take the SA-80 clone.
    Come to think of it, the SA-80 at least takes the same mags as an AR15…

  2. scratch that mag issue, ACR does accept regular mags. Where’d I hear that anyway…

    Regardless, the SA-80 clone is still more interesting and, IMO, a better way to spend $3k.

  3. Doesn’t the SA-80 have a very well earned reputation as a second-rate jam-o-matic?

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