Best Way to Enjoy the Snow

Take a small brandy snifter, much like this one, and go outside and fill it with snow (white snow only, stay away from the yellow variety). Bring it back inside and slowly fill it with a reasonably good bourbon, in my case Eagle Rare. Mix slowly until no snow is remaining. The end result will be a neat bourbon, slightly chilled. Not bad for a snowed-in winter’s evening.

8 thoughts on “Best Way to Enjoy the Snow”

  1. That is not a neat bourbon. It contains water and is therefore an abomination!

    To each, his own. Enjoy your snow. It’s times like these when I particularly relish my decision to move SW.

  2. Do you differentiate between neat and straight up?

    And I do agree that you’re only talking a little bit of water, snow being mostly air.

    I am not really a whiskey purist. Take the firewater however you like it. I was just engaging in some good-natured ribbing.

  3. Man, couldn’t you have posted this BEFORE Atlanta had its once-a-decade snow accumulation a couple weeks ago? Insofar as it’s the wrong way to enjoy bourbon, if you’re gonna be wrong then by all means be _definitively_ wrong.

    Suppose a proper compromise would be to set a shot-glass full out in a snowstorm, waiting until the thinnest layer of ice crusts over the top.

  4. Sounds like a great way to enjoy snow. Would even work with one of the cheap bourbons we’ve been drinking lately. Oh the sacrifices you make for a single income.

  5. Well, in a complete fluke Atlanta got 3″ of perfect white fluffy cold stuff in about 3 hours last Friday. As suggested, filled a snifter with snow and swirled in a shot of Canadian whisky. Marvelous! thanks for the suggestion.

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