If you listen to the news, “AHHH!  Worst! Storm! Ever! We’re all gonna die!” But it’s nearly one in the afternoon and it’s still coming down:

I’m really not looking forward to digging the cars out of this. Strangely enough, DC and points south are getting a lot more snow than we are, and it sounds like Cemetery up in Jersey City isn’t getting any of it.

Oh well, we’re stuck in today. On the agenda today is making some homemade ice cream, finishing up my kind-of-sort-of Belgian Wit. We also have a few movies to watch, and last night decided to stick in HBO’s “John Adams” which I guess we’ll have to finish. I also have a bottle of Eagle Rare, so who needs to go out anyway?

UPDATE: Getting in some pics from an NRA friend on Facebook in DC. My god:

Perhaps both sides in this debate are going to end up buried under the ice like cases of McKinlay. Remember folks, eat the pets first, before you turn on each other! That goes for the Brady folks too. Don’t get any ideas just because his last name is Hamm.

Looks like my dad got a good bit more than us too out near Reading:

11 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse!”

  1. I didn’t get much at chez Argent either – enough to bother shoveling (maybe a couple of inches) and that was about it. My father in NoVA had 30″ measured on his deck and still falling at 1300 today.

  2. Clear sky with a little cloud cover. Sometimes living in AZ has its advantages.

  3. Up here in the North Central PA. the temp is 25 the humidity is 38 and the sun is shining. Oh, no snow.

  4. Jeez, I hope you don’t need that gas bbq for, say, cooking, or maybe even heat (outdoors only), should things shut down for a few days.
    Get a cover!

  5. Funny you should say that Scott, but the reason it doesn’t have a cover on it is because we do use it during winter since our stove broke earlier this fall and I just haven’t had the motivation to replace it since it requires running a new gas line (the line leaks, which is what broke). Since I plan to redo to kitchen at some point, I don’t want to do it now. I didn’t think to get the cover on it before the snow came down.

  6. As a native Michigander I laugh at all of your (east coast people) misery with snowstorms.

    Go build a snowman!

  7. People need to suck it up, its clearly not that bad. People panic and go ape when they hear snow on the tv. We got close to 2 feet here in Middletown, DE.

  8. over 2 ft in Baltimore. i gave up shoveling when the streetlamp came on last night.

    we’re expecting to be stuck here for another day or two. in the city, on side streets, plows are rarely seen. unfortunately it’s so high the truck can’t get out, so we’re well and truly stuck.

  9. Regarding the pictures you put up from the NRA friend, I will never understand the need to rush out and stockpile bottles of water when snow is coming. I grew up in that area, and recall at least three blizzards in that time. Not once did the water cut out in my home.

  10. Not in DC properl but I know several people in Loudon Co and Prince William Co who have well water; and thus require power to get water. And power may go out…

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