What’s That Spinning Sound I Hear?

Oh, I think it’s just Tom Jefferson increasing his subterranean angular momentum a bit after hearing about this. Hopefully just the fact they were sued will give the park service some pause next time some folks decide to engage in some non-disruptive expression. You never know when they might have access to well-respected civil rights attorneys.

9 thoughts on “What’s That Spinning Sound I Hear?”

  1. I love Alan Gura, but dammit! Spend more time winning McDonald and less time defending some hippie’s right, and she has that right, to dance! McDonald is way, way more important than this, as annoying as this is.

  2. Guy’s gotta make a living, and I know it takes a while to get a payout in civil rights cases. I’d cut him a break on this. I’m sure it’s not going to detract from McDonald any.

  3. These guys are operatives for Bureaucrash, a conservative/libertarian institution. They ain’t hippies.

  4. I must respectfully agree with Ed here. Methinks that Gura makes quite a good living, and that he has issues of far graver consequence to deal with.

  5. Why shouldn’t Gura work on this case. The right to free expression is just as important as the right to bear arms. The fact that free expression is disallowed in a monument to Jefferson, the greatest champion of individual rights, is an outrage.

  6. Cm’on now. I was only kidding. The guy is amazingly brilliant and I trust him to win McDonald for us. I just found it amusing that his name popped up in this story, given that he is far better known for Heller and McDonald. Still, I care way more about winning McDonald than the right to dance at the Jefferson Memorial, though that is a right we should have, too.

  7. Hahaha. The Parks Service is f*cked. Gura is gonna roast them.

    Man that is some horrible irony that the Parks Service is spitting out about Jefferson.

  8. Seems like the park service and the judge need to reread the first amendment. Something about free speach and peaceful assembly might just apply.

  9. For a fun frame of reference somebody invited the Rockettes (who accepted) to dance at the Lincoln Memorial back for this big inauguration in 2001………………….hmmmmmmm………..

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